About us

AtlantisFirst was founded in 2019, Melbourne, Australia 

We knew our vision had to start with a name that would seperate us from the rest, the name Atlantis has a much more enticing, rich and powerful history to it. The mystical unknown is what drew us towards our decision! 'ATLANTIS' is drenched in an intense god like aura which surround's the lost city and 'FIRST' well that speaks for itself! always being 1# in your own state of mind is a powerful thing. Seems we have our perfect fit to describe our vision just through the name.

What we have created for our brand is quality so that no matter who you are or what your journey is you'll feel not only comfortable but empowered. Our goal at AtlantisFirst is to take anything head on and to explore the unexplored so the question is will you?

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